Paul Kimbrel

Paul D Kimbrel

Web Developer, Technical Architect

Publishing Engine

I've managed to coble to together a pretty decent publishing engine. There's no "front end" to this thing, yet. So I'm having to update things like my blog using a standard text editor.

However, the content is going into data files (JSON) rather than raw HTML. From there, the engine is mashing the JSON data into templates to build the final site. So that's progress (trust me... it is)

Next step is to get a spiffy editor for the JSON files so I don't have to manually edit the site at such a low level.

A New Site

My previous site was terrible. It was to be a great experiment and technically - it worked. However, I never kept up with any new content and the theme was an abomination that made me embarrassed to call myself a web developer.

Well, today I'm turning that around. I decided to develop a theme that follows my personal web design preferences. I've looked far and wide at many sites and decided what I hate the most - and I have NOT (okay tried not to) put those ideas in this design. In particular, I've decided to keep things pretty spaced out and sparse. My number one complaint of most sites is that they're packed to the brim with crap nobody cares about. It's all a distraction that keeps you from the main purpose of your visit to a site.

Because let's face it - you're not here for the eye candy. In fact, I'm surprised you're even here. Chances are you're in Florida looking for a dentist. That's not me. That's the other guy. You're welcome.

So here's the deal. This site will still be a place for exploration of new technologies and ideas. I shall implement all my crazy designs here before I implement them elsewhere. My first task to is stop doing what I'm doing right this moment - which is updating my website in a text editor. But all good things come with time. I'll update things as I get a better idea of the design and blog about the experience... assuming I don't bring my website down with those experiments.

Should be fun!